• Over the Rainbow3:11

Sometimes we are faced with insurmountable obstacles.  When our children are given devastating problems, we are reduced to puddles.  We knew our Ella would not live long.  We knew she would be severely disabled.  We had three goals for her short and troubled precious life:  that she is comfortable, happy, and that she knows she is loved.  These three aspirations guided all of our decisions.  It became our mantra, our mission statement.  We only share it now so others facing similar situations may find peace in knowing that despite the cruelty of your child's fate, you may be inspired to provide a lifetime of love, comfort, and joy.

We are now an official nonprofit corporation (501c3)!!! 

Ella Grace Place

Bunny Bowl 2019

A graceful place in honor of our Ella, filled with comfort, happiness, and love.