Items We Collect for "a little ELLAgance" bags...

Monetary Donations:

We assure you that 100% of any monetary donation goes directly into EllaGracePlace

We've also been asked to collect flip flops for the showers at the hospital!! (idea: have a flip-flop decorating party)!

I was recently asked to collect tissues for a family who was losing their child.  The tissues in the hospital were too rough.  I feel this is the least we can do to help our fellow neighbors in any type of soft tissues are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Ella Grace Place

hotel shampoos, conditioners, shower gels/soaps, lotions

individually packed face-wipes


travel-sized toothpaste

travel-sized dental floss

travel-sized mouthwash

travel-sized deodorant

travel-sized mints


elastic hairbands

We collect items for infants/toddlers in the hospital as well...

sippy cups



toddler forks/spoons